Subrogation Processing

SubroPro turns the expensive and time consuming traditional recovery process into a systematized subrogation recovery workflow resulting in the reduction of the carrier’s combined ratio.



Payment Automation

Payment Automation

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Improved Cash Flow

Payment Automation & Allocation

SubroPro moves the very manual process of applying recoveries to the systematized approach of allocating 70% or more of the dollars against the indemnities paid.

Multi-Payment Types

Allows for the systematized processing of checks, credit cards, and ACH transactions.

Business Intelligence

The only industry system capturing subrogation specific data allowing for subrogation benchmarking, training opportunities, and enhanced workflows.

Improved Cash Flow

Reduces the time from payment receipt to deposit by up to 14 days

Increased Productivity

Subrogation professionals will increase current workload productivity by 100% to 150%

Policyholder Satisfaction

Data, improved workflow, and improved cycle times allow the carrier to not just maximize recoveries, but also improve cycle times for the insured to receive their deductible.