Premium Processing

A comprehensive payment engine for the insurance vertical accepting a variety of payment types, managing the risks surrounding those payments, and processing through the appropriate channels allowing the carrier tracking and reporting capabilities.

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Flexible Payment Options

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Risk Management Tools

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Tracking and Reporting

Payment Platform

Superior payments platform accepting a variety of payment types.


A scalable solution offering the configurable payment options required by the client.

Risk Management Tools

Our payment system is comprised of payments-related fraud mitigation, risk management, and compliance tools that support the dynamic regulatory environment.

Scalable Solution

Ideal for the largest multi-regional institutions or the smallest companies. It is also ideal for agent offices processing to a centralized location.


Provides diverse organizations the ability to scan and capture images of checks and payment vouchers, stubs, envelopes, correspondence, or coupons.

Policyholder Satisfaction

Data, improved workflow, and improved cycle times allow the carrier to not just maximize recoveries, but also improve cycle times for the insured to receive their deductible.